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Frequently Asked Questions about handmade soap:

Q: Does your soap contain lye?
A: soaps, both handmade and store-bought are initially made by using lye (sodium hydroxide) or a similar caustic agent. The process of soapmaking is a chemical reaction. When made properly, no lye remains in the finished product; it is simply the catalyst needed for turning oils into soap.

Q: Will your soap help my eczema?
A: Soaps are not allowed to be promoted as having curative or medicinal properties unless they are treated as, and get tested and certified as, medicines. So, we are not allowed to answer with a “yes” or a “no”. But we have had several regular customers who have stated that the soap has helped with problematic skin. This may possibly be attributed to the all natural ingredients in our soaps. It may be preservatives, colorants or fragrances in commercial soaps that cause unpleasant reactions. Our suggestion is for an eczema sufferer to try our mildest bar, Oatmeal-Milk-and-Honey, and see how it works for their skin. 

Q: Why do your soaps cost more than store-bought soap?

A: Our soaps are created from quality, luxurious ingredients.

Q: How long does a bar of soap last?
A: Most people tell us that a bar of soap lasts four to six weeks. This is based on using the soap according to directions, by not letting it stand in water; always use a vented or ribbed soap dish or shower caddy to allow the soap to dry between uses and last longer.